7 Ways To Ensure Exceptional Leadership, Management and Coaching

Learn the key principles to enhance your leadership skills, increase productivity and build an inviting culture for your team or organization in 7 easy steps. | taught by David Brownlee
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During This Training You Will Learn:

  • How leadership is important and the different leadership styles.
  • How to understand your team for maximum performance.
  • The importance of purpose driven targets and how to implement them.
  • Tools and strategies on how to overcome challenges with your team, employees and staff.
  • What is leverage and how it will help you achieve your objectives as a leader.
  • Strategies on how to change behavior in yourself and those you lead to obtain your desired outcome.
  • The importance of teamwork and how to perptuate it with your employess and staff to create a winning environment and culture.
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David  Brownlee
David Brownlee

David Brownlee is one of the most viewed customer service, marketing and sales trainers on YouTube, and a global figure in business coaching, training and consulting . He is a best selling author who wrote Rock Star Customer Service, The 6 Secrets To Rockstar Customer Service.

David’s YouTube Channel educates and inspires hundreds of thousands of viewers from all over the world. David is an expert in taking businesses from where they are and helping them close the gap to where they want to be. CEO of The Brownlee Group, creator of the RockStar Customer Service Training Program and high performance and business coach for Tony Robbins, David’s strategies are proven to get you results. Call now to book a COMPLIMENTARY 30 minute business breakthrough strategy session. +1 (858) 367-0289