Jim Dunn & John Schumann

Common Sense Selling

Our flagship online sales training program. This course will give you the sales process you need to outflank your competition in today’s hyper-competitive selling environment.

Jim Dunn

Mastering the 72 Core Competencies of Selling

Selling is about doing a lot of little things right. We’ve identified 6 major areas that must be mastered (prospecting, qualifying, etc.) and developed 12 short, impactful lessons in each major area.

Jim Dunn & John Schumann

Overcoming the Toughest Selling Situations

The Monday Morning SalesCoach contains solutions to 99% of the toughest sales challenges you’ll ever face. Each situation is authentic, and all too commonplace for salespeople.

David Brownlee

7 Ways To Ensure Exceptional Leadership, Management and Coaching

Learn the key principles to enhance your leadership skills, increase productivity and build an inviting culture for your team or organization in 7 easy steps.

Jim Dunn & John Schumann

Mastering Sales Management

Most sales managers have had little or no training to do their job. This program provides sales managers with the training and tools they need to lead their teams to success. A perfect compliment to the SalesCoach online program.

Jim Dunn

Filling the Sales Pipeline

A full pipeline cures most sales problems. This program contains the most up-to-date, proven ideas and scripts in every prospecting area (cold calling, emailing, voice mail, referrals, and much more). No more guessing what to say. It’s all here.