Course Description

Too many salespeople struggle with prospecting.  And without a full pipeline, your chances for success are seriously compromised.  Their message is all wrong, and they don’t employ enough prospecting methods to keep their prospecting program vibrant and effective.  As a result, they…

  • Struggle to get the attention of the decision makers
  • Are blocked by gatekeepers
  • Feel like the are begging for appointments
  • Become so frustrated that they reduce their prospecting activities and eventually start looking for a “better” career

If you’re wondering just how the heck you can break out of this quagmire and get more appointments with the right people, this program is what you need.

You’ll learn…

  • How to develop a message that gets people to sit up and say, “I need to talk to this guy.”
  • The best delivery methods for your message
  • How a drip marketing campaign can significantly boost your results
  • How to handle the typical stalls and objections that prospect’s give you
  • How to set the appointment once you’ve connected
  • Scripts, and more scripts that can be easily adapted to your cold calling or other outbound prospecting programs
  • How to deal effectively with the never-ending stress of prospecting
  • And how to create a prospecting plan that you can implement immediately!

We’ve done all the homework for you.  It’s all here.  No more guessing what to say. 

Are you ready to get started?  Check out the table of contents to see what you’ll be getting.

Jim Dunn

Jim Dunn founded Whetstone Group in 1992. Whetstone’s proprietary sales process, Common Sense Selling®, is counterintuitive to the way the majority of people sell, and has been the gold standard for thousands of salespeople and sales managers in a wide variety of industries, including financial services, technology, commercial real estate, manufacturers and distributors, commercial banking, life sciences, and professional service firms. 

Course curriculum

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    The Ultimate Prospecting Program